I wanted to post about this issue earlier, but I’ve never managed to finish off my older posts because of confusion and / or anxiety. I’ve been gender-dysphoric (again) since late October, leaving myself with a lot of questions about myself. I said again, as in, I always surpressed/ this topic since my early-to-mid twenties, when I was much more anxious about everything, especially about my social surroundings.

Today, after many days of procrastination, I went to my GP (luckily I found one earlier this year that I can trust) and asked for help. He gave me a referal to a psychologist and showed me a huge list of psychologist’s to try. He told me to try them all until I get an appointment somewhere within a few months and if I’m going to get a human on the line, ask if they have experience in gender issues.

I will probably rant why they make it so complicated for depressed people (that are not suicidal) to seek help later on. Right now I am a bit anxious and overwhelmed by this project, but I’ve never been good with phoning people I don’t know.

I wish my family was more supportive at this state. My mom has some problems with my desire of wanting to be / look more feminine and tries to come up with reasons why being gendered male is such a good idea and that I will soon loose all of the dysphoria and be a happy male person again when I heal up from having long-term cold symptoms. Right. Reminds me of this comic.