I had the most wonderful time at 31C3. The people were mostly open-minded and very inclusive. I’ve also met and made friends with another transsexual there. It has put me in a good state.

Going home however with my parents around resulted in a reality shock. Okay, no big deal I thought at first. I told them again that I want to be called Jennifer. But they insisted to call me Joachim.

Emotionally down, I hid in my room.

So, New Year’s Day was coming up and I was considering taking a sleeping pill to not have to deal with any more misgendering and lack of support. I almost did but thought it would be impolite to do so.

So I went downstairs for wishing my parents a happy new year and bursted into tears 15 seconds into the new year as my father insisted on still calling me Joachim. Not like I wanted to start the new year, but this meant progress.

Following to this, they started to call me “Jenna” (I personally like Jennifer or Jenn better, but they seem to have some problem with those, but this is much better than my old name!).

Progress is there, I just wish I was taken more seriously immediately like my friends do. I know that they struggle with the transition as well, but I oversee their mistakes in calling and gendering me as I am aware that they try to avoid it.