So, yesterday I took the first chance to visit my General Practitioner (GP) and had a long talk with him. I was hugely anxious of going there but I managed to get my minimum goal I have set myself: Getting a prescription of Finasteride to a sane price.

Finasteride was suggested to me on reddit/r/asktransgender to compensate for my partial hair loss I had about 4 years ago. That was treated with cortisone

So in Germany, Finasteride is prescribed in either 1mg pills for hair loss or 5mg pills for benign prostatic hyperplasia. The 1mg pills for hair loss are in no circumstance covered by the insurance and cost around 115€ for 98 pills, the 5mg ones can be covered. So since I do not have problems with my prostate, my GP could not prescribe the 5mg pills on insurance, but I got a private prescription instead. That means 98 pills for around 48€, which I have to divide by 4 for a daily dose of ~1.25mg, which makes it quite affordable for me!

On the other transgender topics my GP lacks knowledge sadly. He said he had two transgender patients so far, but post-transitioning.

I’m especially unhappy about the time it takes to get a “transgender diagnosis” to get my insurance to pay for necessary changes I want to do quickly (for instance hormone replacement therapy and permanent facial hair removal).

Well. One step at the time…