While being in a lightly to moderately depressed state I absolutely must keep busy when I am not resting. I need short term goals, and sometimes a reminder about my short term goals.

A goal can be anything from small steps of a daily routine, a hobby or going out to explore new things. Important for me is to plan ahead. While on tasks that require reservation inevitable, other tasks may require materials or tasks to do before you can start those.


So let’s say you want to use your creativity and draw something. You could think, “okay, if ever decide that I want to draw something, I’ll head off and get pens and paper”. I did. Then I wanted to draw something and it was inconvenient for me to get those, at that time. Then I forgot about it.

When you go shopping and see something that might interest you and fits your purse, aquire it!

Same goes for other hobbies. Always have a sufficient supply of things that you need.

Finding activities

Constantly have a look around for activities that happen within range of you. I went ot a lot of craft markets lately, for two reasons: The first one is that my good friends go to many of them as well. The second reason is that I like to get inspirations.

New hobbies

Speaking of inspirations, you might want to look out for hobbies. My sole hobby for a long time in my life was to play video games. While it can be a good time-killer from time to time, it is really bad for you when you fill all your free time with it, both physically and mentally. Physically because you sit a lot while only moving a few of your muscles in a very limited and repetitive way, mentally because you don’t get outside, meet any real people and your brain input is limited by the boundaries of the game(s) you are playing.

While I recommend going outside to activities to get inspirations, you can also find inspiration online. I found a few links which look decent, for example this Wikipedia page, or this site or this one.

You can do it!

About six or seven years ago, still in the episode of my life where I played too many video games, my boss at that time told me once that I was the most creative person he’s ever met. I didn’t believe him at that time.

I was so wrong. Actually my mind sprouts of creativity, I was just not noticing it anymore because I lacked the tools, some skills and the initiative to do things, which was mostly depression related. Looking backwards, I was limited by myself, unable to develop as a person. I wasted years. But it’s never too late to catch up!

As a rule of thumb: Do not say that you can’t do it. Or that you don’t like it if you don’t know it. You’ll have to try to find out if you do or not.

Task jar

Now this is inspired by the alternative jar that I first came across on this wonderful tumbr blog. Write down tasks that you could do when you’re bored. And when you’re bored, take one and see it as a suggestion. You could write down suggestions to do household, workout, going outside, doing your hobby, or whatever else you like to.

Since eating a lot of popsicles to get the material for this is not good for me, I wrote my suggestions on pieces of thick paper. I used colored ones and I put in suggestions in categories:

  • red: health and self care
  • yellow: things to do at home
  • cyan: hobbies and project reminders
  • green: new things, new ideas, new inspirations

Not sure if I’ll keep this up, but I’m surely keeping it colorful.

task jar